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Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides details about the service provided by For Recruits and how it can help you in the collegiate-sports-recruitment process.

For Recruits is unique in that there aren’t hidden costs, different levels of support, or recurring charges. A one-time fee of $219 covers the entirety of the service throughout the student-athlete’s time in high school and/or prep school. You can continue to update the information and video highlights without any additional expenses.

We recommend that you keep the videos short, in the 2-4 minute range. You want to gain the interest of the college coach by using only the best highlights. Coaches can always ask you for full-length games. Videos must be hosted on YouTube.

Access to student-athlete videos on YouTube are determined by your YouTube privacy settings; your athletic information on For Recruits is accessible only by college coaches. If collegiate recruiters want to initiate contact, you will receive an email from them via For Recruits. After they reach out, you can decide which personal information you wish to share. Coaches will not have access to your email address unless you choose to respond to the For Recruits email.

You can choose multiple sports on your For Recruits profile. However, you are limited to five highlight videos to showcase all sports.

Your For Recruits profile will remain active one year after your original graduation semester. We recommend that you update your athletic profile, especially if you change your planned collegiate enrollment date.

Be seen for a one-time fee.

Pay once, and use throughout your high school sports career. The one-time fee covers both the student-athlete profile content and highlight videos.


*A one-time fee covers services for a year past the student-athlete’s high school graduation semester .